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The DataLad dataset store


to the DataLad dataset store.

This store is a scalable and domain-agnostic data storage that hosts data as DataLad dataset. It contains some of the datasets that DataLad, a data management multitool, provides simplified access to. Among others, it gives access to the Human Connectome Project (HCP) Open Data Access dataset. You can find details on the implementation of the store and how to interact with it in the use case "Building a scalable data storage for scientific computing" in the DataLad handbook.

Interacting with the data store and getting data

In order to obtain DataLad datasets from the store, provide the relevant dataset ID prefixed with ria+ in a datalad clone command like this:

datalad clone ria+ myclone

Note that in most cases, access need not be attempted via a direct clone from the store. Instead, datasets hosted in this data store are made available as superdatasets in public repositories hosted elsewhere (e.g. on GitHub). Clone such a superdataset and obtain file content or subdatasets via datalad get calls — internally, such a get call will resolve to the appropriate ID and retrieve contents or datasets from the store. However, some (super)datasets are accessible via non-ID labels directly from the store, e.g.:

datalad clone ria+

Note that authentication credentials, for example to AWS S3 buckets, may be necessary to retrieve file contents for certain datasets.